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Suicide prevention programs and initiatives

The National Commissioner will support future wellbeing and suicide prevention efforts, by identifying the need for any system-wide reforms, or new approaches to support serving and ex-serving defence members. This includes making findings and recommendations addressing current and ex-serving defence members wellbeing and suicide prevention strategies, as well as any policy, administrative or system-wide changes that may be needed.

The following table gives more information about suicide prevention initiatives and programs in Australia, including programs specifically to help serving and ex-serving defence members.

Head to Health

Assists users to find mental health services right for them. The site brings together apps, online programs, online forums, and phone services, as well as a range of digital information resources.

Operation Compass

One of the 12 National Suicide Prevention trial sites funded by the Commonwealth Government, Operation Compass is a suicide prevention project for ex-serving defence members and their families based in Townsville.

Open Arms – Community and Peer Program

The Open Arms Community and Peer program involved 'lived experience' peers.  Peers work collaboratively with veterans, family supports, community agencies and mental health clinicians. Peers are able to provide insight and support to veterans with complex care needs and can provide intensive case management.

Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Program

Assists veterans in finding and applying for employment after transitioning from the Australian Defence Force. Also provides a platform for organisations to locate veterans as candidates for employment opportunities.

Department of Defence – Mental Health OnLine

Provides information and links to online resources for defence members and their families to learn more about mental health, resilience and wellbeing.

Suicide Prevention

Provides information about the Australian Capital Territory’s Let’s Talk for Suicide Prevention initiative, including links to resources about mental health and support services.

Towards Zero Suicides initiatives

Provides information about New South Wales’ Towards Zero Suicides initiatives, including mental health and suicide prevention resources, and support for people who have lost someone to a death by suicide.

Northern Territory Suicide Prevention

Provides information about the Northern Territory’s Suicide Prevention Strategic Framework and related resources.

Suicide prevention plan

Provides information about Queensland’s suicide prevention plan and mental health resources.

South Australian Suicide Prevention Plan 2017-2021

Provides information about South Australia’s Suicide Prevention plan.

Suicide risk and prevention

Provides links to Tasmania’s Suicide Prevention Strategy and resources to support mental health and suicide prevention, and information to assist people who have lost someone to a death by suicide.

Suicide prevention in Victoria

Provides information and links to resources about suicide prevention in Victoria.

Suicide prevention 2020: Together we can save lives

Provides information about Western Australia’s Suicide Prevention Strategy.