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Fact Sheet - Staying COVIDSafe

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COVIDSafe - principles and practices

Our Staff

Our Staff comply with Commonwealth Government advice on COVIDSafe practices, taking personal responsibility for applying physical distancing and practise good hygiene – in and outside of the workplace. These measures include:

  • Staying home if you are unwell
  • Practising good hygiene: wash hands often with soap and water, used alcohol-based hand sanitiser between hand washes, avoid touching face, clean and disinfect surfaces and objects
  • If you have flu like symptoms, seek medical advice and get tested for COVID-19
  • Maintaining 1.5 metres physical distancing
  • Abiding by all state and territory health directions and restrictions
  • Wearing masks while travelling including on aircraft, in airports and on public transport

Our Vendors

We work with conference service providers to ensure services are COVIDSafe. We ensure:

  • Conference providers abide by all state and territory health requirements which include maintaining COVIDSafe plans for premises and staff
  • Catering items provided in individual serves
  • Vendor staff maintain physical distancing and maintain good hygiene practises
  • Adhering to capacity limits and booking rooms large enough to accommodate the number of participants expected
  • Ensuring rooms are set up to appropriately space participants and encourage them to remain seated rather than congregate
  • Sanitiser is widely available within the venue and our booked facilities
  • Frequently touched surfaces within the venue are wiped down regularly

Our Participants

We have video teleconferencing capabilities and utilise virtual meetings where appropriate. These options ensure inclusivity and enable people considered high-risk to participate.

We include reminders about COVIDSafe practices – such as maintaining physical distancing, not shaking hands, and not attending if unwell – in our correspondence with participants and in our welcoming remarks.

Sanitiser is available and everyone is strongly encouraged to use it.

Where required or encouraged by state and territory authorities, or where restrictions apply we enable the wearing of masks by all attendees and ensure these are available.

Our Travel

We take a risk based approach to the need to travel, being mindful of our obligations to protect our communities and not contribute to the risk of unknowingly spreading outbreaks, by only travelling when required.

We limit the number of staff travelling to the minimum required to deliver our external meetings and achieve our objectives.

We maintain a record of names and contact details for all staff and participants involved in all external face-to-face meetings after our events.

We comply with all state and territory travel restrictions and requirements.